Kate Downey

co-founder and Creative Director

Kate makes you fall in love with things you thought were boring. She’s directed Shakespeare and opera, worked with the Public Theater and New York City Opera, and helped build a renegade tour company at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Ben Lillie

co-founder and CEO

Ben is a physicist turned storyteller turned mixer of academics and performance. He is co-founder of The Story Collider, a former TED writer, and a Moth StorySLAM champion.

Paula Pickreign

Technical director

Paula Pickreign is a sound engineer and lighting designer from Syracuse, NY. She's toured internationally with groups lighting faces and calling places. Paula is excited to bring her charm, technical skills, and Sweet Sweet dance moves to Caveat audiences.

James Addison

Rentals coordinator

James is an actor turned producer turned small biz developer and now lives somewhere in between. You can find him by the bar.

Kylie Holloway

Producer & Booking Manager

Kylie Holloway is a producer, writer, and performer from Northern California. In 2015 she received an MA in acting from a fancy school in the UK. Today she's making funny things with smart people, and loving it.

Anne Huston

Production manager

Anne has spent the last 5 years cutting their teeth as a production manager and AEA stage manager in NYC. Come talk to them about all things queer, weird, or cute! Learn more about their theater company here.

Diana Montano


Diana Montano is a creative producer. She works in events, museums and non-profits in the NYC area. Her passions include interactive storytelling, board games, and anything made of chocolate.

Nick Cocks

Assistant technical director

Nick is a sound designer, composer, visual artist, and golden retriever in human form. He has made music and noises for theater productions, video games, horror films, sound installations, podcasts, and audiobooks. If you need a sound, jingle, score, or song let him know.

Allison Crisostomo

Venue manager

Allison Crisostomo is a writer, director, photographer, and designer making and organizing stuff for the passionate and the castaway. Chat with her about representation, the crossroads of art and edification, and anything else that inspires you.

Chinisha Scott


Chinisha (first of her name, top google search result) Artist of multi-media: maker of film & TV, writer of words, performer of things, singer of showers & empty rooms. Educator and social justice advocate. Certified nerd/geek-girl and cheerful nihilist. Prince purple super-fam.
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