Your Love, Our Musical

Your Love, Our Musical is a long-running NYC comedy institution starring two of New York City's finest musical comedians, Rebecca Vigil and Evan Kaufman. In YLOM, ​as it’s affectionately known, comedic masterminds ​Rebecca and ​Evan interview a couple from the audience and create an original musical about that couple’s love story. Rebecca​ and ​Evan​ and their incredible band, use their unique comedic chemistry, vocal skill, and improvisational abilities to transform audiences’ simple meet-cutes into bombastic choruses, their Tinder swipes into epic dance numbers, and their relationship snafus into chopped and screwed hip-hop epics.

Rebecca Vigil is an actor and musical comedian headlining theatres and clubs, including Caroline’s on Broadway. She can also be seen from your couch in the Netflix original movie, The Week Of. Find out more at

Evan Kaufman is a writer, director and comedian. You might have seen him on Michelle Wolf’s The Break or on VH1. You can watch his weekly web series on parenting “Dude Turned Dad” on Head to for more fun stuff!

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