An Inconvenient Talk Show

Everyone's favorite former vice president and environmental crusader is now a late night comedy talk show host, and he's taking no prisoners in this riotous breakdown of the current state of climate change. An Inconvenient Talk Show brings together New York's hottest comedians (SNL, The Daily Show, Comedy Central, etc) and world's hottest climate experts (NASA, VICE, NYU, Smithsonian, etc) to tackle the globe's hottest problem.
Rollie Williams is a Colorado-born comedian and climate science grad student living in Brooklyn. He is the creator, host, and showrunner of An Inconvenient Talk Show and also hosts a digital series about billiards.
Mark Vigeant plays the voice of the Hermit Crab/Cohost Sandy. He is the creator of Internet Explorers at Caveat.
Carly Hoogendyk is a comedy multi-hyphenate by night and talent coordinator for Authentic Management by day. In short, comedy is what gets her out of bed in the afternoon.

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