Nevertheless She Existed

Witches Get Stuff Done

Episode 1: Original Witch

Kicking off the Witches Get Stuff Done Series, Anna Cain Bianco tells us about Matteuccia de Francesco, the subject of one of the earliest witch trials in Europe.

In this episode

There are no known images of Matteuccia, so please enjoy this ridiculous wood-cut.

Anna Cain Bianco is a NYC based comedian and museum consultant. You can catch her at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, doing standup around the city, or on Twitter @annacainbianco.

Episode 2: Big Gay Portal to Hell

On this episode, Catherine Clune-Taylor tells us about Benedetta Carlini - a Catholic mystic and lesbian nun. We know, we know, the movie’s already being made, RELAX. Benedetta’s story is a reminder though that the history of gay as hell, and that even today, women who demonstrate any appetite for success are denigrated and attacked.

In this episode

Benedetta Carlini and friend.

Catherine Clune-Taylor is a writer, activist and feminist academic and is currently a Postdoc in the Program in Gender and Sexuality Studies at Princeton University. She has a PhD in philosophy (along with too many other degrees), and works in fields of feminist science studies and bioethics. She wrote her dissertation on the science, ethics, and politics on treating intersex kids. She is super excited to be taking up the position of Assistant Professor of Feminist Science and Technology Studies at San Diego State University in Fall 2019 because 1) that is the coolest job title ever, and 2) legalized weed.

Episode 3: Are Black Women Magic?

On this episode, Keisha Zollar tell us about Marie Laveau, the Voodoo Queen of New Orleans! Sorry, spoiler alert! She doesn’t die at the end! Well, she does, of course, it comes for us all. But, this is the first witch in our series who enjoys a nice long happy life, and who is still revered to this day.

In this episode

Marie Leveau.

Keisha Zollar is an actress-comedienne who is currently a Writing Supervisor on Busy Tonight. Previously, she was a staff writer on The Opposition with Jordan Klepper on Comedy Central. Keisha recently wrapped her third Comedy Central digital series as an actor and writer. She served as co-creator/producer for the socio-political podcast Applying It Liberally . As an actor Keisha has been seen on Netflix’s Orange is the New Black, Comedy Central, Nightcap, Middle of the Night, The Today Show, CollegeHumor, TVLand, FunnyorDie,, AboveAverage, MSNBC, MTV, and UCBComedy. As an actress, Keisha played the role of Sarah in Believe Her, a short about the moments after sexual assault. In addition, her comedy group Astronomy Club has a digital series with Comedy Central (Vulture Best New Comedy Series 2018). She has been featured by Glamour magazine, Fast Company, Paste magazine, etc, and has written for Bitch Flicks, FemSplain, and more.

Episode 4: Modern Witch

Natalia Petrzela tells us about Mary Steichen Calderon, who was called witch, mistress of the Devil, prostitute of hell, and more for her pioneering work on sex education.

In this episode

Mary Streichen Calderon

Natalia Petrzela is a scholar, writer, teacher, and activist. As Associate Professor of History at The New School, she studies the politics and culture of the modern United States. Her first book, Classroom Wars: Language, Sex, and the Making of Modern Political Culture (Oxford, 2015), explores the roots of the culture wars in American public schools, specifically amid heated battles over sexuality and bilingual education. You can follow her at @nataliapetrzela

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