Weekly episodes, each month a different series:
Recorded at Caveat in NYC, each episode brings the story of an erased woman from history from our LES speakeasy right to your earbuds. You'll hear tales of a gay nuns burned as witches, queens of NYC theives, mothers, warriors, and poets. The fabulous, funny, and fierce Molly Gaebe and Kylie Holloway serve as our hosts as we travel down the rabbit hole of women's history. You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll definitely say "f*ck yeah" because Nevertheless, She Existed.
Upcoming live shows!

Nevertheless She Existed: The Spy Who Inspired Me

THU // DEC 19

Show: 05:30PM

Doors: 05:00PM

Nevertheless She Existed: Boss of Her Body

WED // JAN 15

Show: 07:00PM

Doors: 06:30PM