Episode 2: Big Gay Portal to Hell

On this episode, Catherine Clune-Taylor tells us about Benedetta Carlini - a Catholic mystic and lesbian nun. We know, we know, the movie’s already being made, RELAX. Benedetta’s story is a reminder though that the history of witches...is gay as hell, and that even today, women who demonstrate any appetite for success are denigrated and attacked.


Catherine Clune-Taylor is a writer, activist and feminist academic and is currently a Postdoc in the Program in Gender and Sexuality Studies at Princeton University. She has a PhD in philosophy (along with too many other degrees), and works in fields of feminist science studies and bioethics. She wrote her dissertation on the science, ethics, and politics on treating intersex kids. She is super excited to be taking up the position of Assistant Professor of Feminist Science and Technology Studies at San Diego State University in Fall 2019 because 1) that is the coolest job title ever, and 2) legalized weed.