This is Ethyl, she's Caveat's unofficial mascot. She's sticking electricity up her nose as a medical treatment, because that was science in the 1800's (you can find her at Caveat if you look hard). Members have a special bond with Ethyl, and she gets them in to see all the member shows.

Your membership not only gets you free tickets to shows and rewards at the bar, but by becoming a member you're also supporting Caveat's mission to ethically produce the best smart entertainment on the market. We would be thrilled to have you join our team! 

​​ >>> During the shutdown, members also get free access to all ticketed livestreams <<<

Friend of Ethyl ($75/yr)

  • One free ticket per event to designated member events
  • Access to reserved member tables
  • Invitation to members only events
  • Rewards at the bar

Ethyl's Inner Circle ($200/yr)

  • TWO free tickets per event to designated member events
  • Access to reserved member tables
  • Invitation to members only events
  • Special invitation to closed preview events
  • Rewards at the bar

Ethyl's Best Friend ($5000)

(Real-talk: changing the face of informative entertainment ain't cheap. We're building a sustainable company to do that, while paying our talent and staff a living wage. If you're able to support that mission at this level, we'd love to have you as Ethyl's Best Friend.)
  • Everything in Ethyl's Inner Circle
  • Lifetime membership
  • Free party at Caveat for any purpose you like, such as a birthday, fundraiser, or show. (Contact us for details)



Can I give a membership as a gift?

Yes! You can either enter their info when you sign up, or if you'd like it to be a surprise enter your info and then email us with the recipient's info and when to change it in our system.

How many events are member shows?

It varies, but at least 10 shows per month will be free to members. There will be regular emails to members keeping everyone up to date with new shows and special upcoming events.

Can I pay by check or other method?

Sure! Give us a call at 212-228-2100 or email

Our top-of-the-line shows - the best of smarter and drunker!
Nevertheless She Existed
Ride or Die: Oregon Trail Live
Why Your Train is F*cked
Doctors Without Boundaries
Political Circus
New show series in beta - check out the next big hit before the crowds!
Our development program! A new cohort of shows every 3 months


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