Hypatia and the heathens

About the show

The Library of Alexandria, Egypt. 415 C.E. Society is on the brink. A rising tide of religious fundamentalism threatens to wipe out the wisdom of classical antiquity. But one woman vows to save the knowledge of our ancestors no matter the cost. Inspired by the missing pages of history, Hypatia and the Heathens is an interactive tragicomic musical about the absurdity of power, lots and lots of scrolls, and the toll of tales untold. Described by fans as Great Comet meets Jesus Christ Superstar (with a dash of A Funny thing Happened on the way to the Forum), Hypatia and the Heathens features an original score with influences ranging from Gilbert and Sullivan to Bach-Rock to Sappho to Gospel. One thing is for certain: it's like no toga party you've been to before.

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