The Violet Hour: A Late Night Livestream From Another Dimension

SAT // MAY 16 // 07:00PM

Streaming Live at 7pm EST


Greetings, Earth-things! Do you tire of sitting around grub-like, trapped in your tiny earth abode? Then beam yourself up and aboard THE VIOLET HOUR’s spacetime craft!


THE VIOLET HOUR, Caveat's late night show with a far-out twist, is back as a livestream event to beam some joy into your home! 


WINNIFRED COOMBE (CAROLINE KINGSLEY), a horny Victorian spiritualist and scientist, transcends time and space to invite audiences into her space craft for a comedic, musical ritual. Winnifred’s humble goal? To make merry and help audiences blossom into the most glorious versions of themselves. Celebrity Earth guests mingle with Winnifred and her outlandish friends from outer dimensions to discuss the birds and the bees and the blooms from the safe distance of our zoom-zones. Join us as we sing, dance, and chat about how to save the planet or at least enjoy the heck out of our last breaths on this little blue sphere.


APPEARING FROM THEIR ZOOM COCOONS: KRISTIN CHENOWETH  (WICKED, PUSHING DAISIES), featuring a special drop-in from ALAN CUMMING (CABARET, THE GOOD WIFE), and live music from Winnifred’s spacecraft band GREAT TIME! Plus more dancing, stream-surprises, guests including LYNN BRUNELLE (author and Emmy Award-winning writer for BILL NYE THE SCIENCE GUY), as well as comedy from THOMAS WHITTINGTON (OUR CARTOON PRESIDENT) and many more!




After purchasing a ticket at any price level, you'll receive a separate email before the show with the streaming link. The show will be streaming as a private event on Caveat's YouTube channel. Please note that the live stream recording will be available for 24 hours after the live show. Thanks in advance for not sharing the streaming link.




Going crazy yet? Craving information, but starting to feel desperate to receive it in a non-depressing way? Worried about the state of art and intelligent discussion in the time of social distancing? We got you.


Your favorite nerdy basement bar now hosts livestreams 6 nights a week with extra-special online editions of our long-running shows. Medical advice without any bullsh*t! Wrestlemania-style debates over scientific principles (where you can chime in)! Political science with that ever-needed dash of showmanship! If it’s smart and it’s weird and it’s entertaining, you know we’re gonna give it to you. It’s a strange time and it may only get stranger. Hopefully some good old fashioned intelligent nightlife can help get you through it - right from the safety of your home. 


All ticket proceeds & PayPal contributions go toward paying Caveat’s staff during the shut-down, as well as paying the performers! 


Contribute to our staff fund here:


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Wash your hands and keep calm: Caveat is here to keep our community entertained and our creators working.


Follow Winnifred Coombe and #VioletHourShow:

INSTAGRAM: @winnifredcoombe

TWITTER: @WinnifredCoombe, @violethourshow

FACEBOOK: @VioletHourShow



INSTAGRAM: @GreatTimeBand 

TWITTER: @great_time_band

FACEBOOK: @greattimeband



Winnifred Coombe is Caroline Kingsley

Produced by Caroline Kingsley, Jordan Roth, Isabel Klein

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