Soccer Afternoon Live! (Festive Footy)

SUN // DEC 09 // 03:30PM

Welcome to the comedic variety show about the international phenomenon and why it's exquisite, a bit evil, but still worth the day-drinking.

Soccer is a beautiful sport that brings people together but, like most good things, has been inevitably corrupted by corporate greed on a global scale. Fun! Hosts Jon Hudson (KickTV, MLS, NBC) and Neil Sharma (DeadassTV) explore just how this happened with the funniest soccer-loving comedians alongside journalists, personalities, and former/current athletes for a rowdy, action-packed variety show. Featuring an official referee and a Hooligans Section, you’ll feel like you’re at a real soccer game but without all the toxic masculinity and deep-seated tribalism. This is the variety show the game has been waiting for.

Come celebrate all the season's tidings this December with a little Festive Footy storytelling, stand-up, and special treats!


Maggie Widdoes (UCB)

Justin Williams (Why Your Train is F*cked)

Natasha Vaynblat (Comedy Central)

Michael Poole (North Coast)

Alan Johnson (Howler Magazine)

Billy Keenly (Serious Lunch)

Italian Football TV

as well as a possible Very Athletic Special Guest!

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