Reclaiming Plan A

SUN // JAN 27 // 11:00AM

Dreams, shake hands with reality.

Most of us give up some aspirational slice of ourselves as we face the demands of adult living. Or maybe we've never taken the time to envision our future concretely - it feels vague, out there, amorphous. How can we envision our future in a tangible way and get practical about how to thread our dreams into the day to day?

We Reclaim Plan A.

In this two-hour workshop, instructor and Generation Women alum, Janice Maffei, takes you on a rich and rewarding journey guided by sparky stories and counter-intuitive questions - not the usual “where do you want to be in five years?” stuff.  Much of the session unfolds in a powerful community of silence, where you can access your deepest reflections and enjoy the rare gift of focused thinking time. One recent participant described it as “a great journey into what I have been thinking about –super encouraging and very strategic in how it was set up.”

This inspiring and practical workshop will help you:

  • Look back-on key markers in the last year as you set out with greater focus and tenacity in pursuit of your vision.

  • Explore your ideal future, what the real and perceived barriers are, and how a few simple habits can make a big difference.

  • Design a path forward that identifies a handful of game changer actions to make the days add up to a Plan A week. 

  • We will start promptly at 11 and end at 1:30

Price - $33, introductory offer for our friends and family; includes materials.

About your workshop leader:

Janice Maffei is a seasoned facilitator, a playwright and a founder of VisionFirst who has consulted with leaders and teams around the globe. "Janice’s gentle but sturdy hand at the helm of the Plan A project," wrote a participant, "is nothing shy of a gift. If you have the extreme good fortune to work with her, jump at the opportunity." 

Is this session for you?

If your career feels stalled, your days a blur or you’re changing lanes in work/life, this one’s for you. Recent workshop participants include artists, freelancers, lawyers, empty nesters and millennials.

"Love the group energy of like-minded women in the room. Appreciated your humor and the excellent delivery of very interesting, thought-provoking content."

"There is a lot I want to do but have lacked some clarity. Today provided that for me."

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