Pregame Your Brain: Your Ever-Changing Brain w/ BraiNY

FRI // SEP 21 // 05:30PM
Join braiNY, the Greater New York City Chapter of the Society for Neuroscience, as they present Pregame Your Brain: Your Ever-Changing Brain! Scientists refer to the brain as plastic not because it bounces when you drop it (it won't, don't try it at home), but because it is always changing as we learn and relate to the world around us. Join the braiNY team as they explore how the brain adapts, learns, and communicates with YOUR brain! Learn more about braiNY initiatives at STATION: Your DNA as a Slinky -- Your DNA doesn't just sit there, it's super busy! Learn how DNA does its job using a giant slinky, and how stress can interfere. #epigenetics PRESENTER: Cate Jensen Peña is a PhD neuroscientist studying how early life stress changes brain development. She currently works at Mount Sinai, but will soon be starting her own research lab at Princeton. STATION: Cold Pressor Stressor -- The Cold Pressor Test is commonly used in human subjects research as a stressor. Learn about how the body responds to this test, the types of experiments it is used in, and see if YOU can conquer the cold! PRESENTER: Alexandra Cohen, PhD, is a postdoctoral developmental neuroscientist at NYU. Her research focuses on how emotion and motivation influence learning, memory, and brain function from childhood to adulthood. STATION: Baiting your Brain -- Experience how your brain can be misled through Benham's disk and other optical illusions to see something that doesn't exist. Learn why scientists can and can not explain everything that we see. PRESENTER: Elizabeth Waters, PhD, is a neuroscientist, Girl Scout troop leader and Associate Director of STEM Outreach at The Cooper Union. She works on making science and engineering education relevant and pleasurable. STATION: Binary Outcomes -- Experience an action potential through conductive ink, touch and sound. Explore how action potentials and other scientific and natural phenomena are great metaphors for how large-scale change and impact can only happen when people come together and act in unity. PRESENTER: Amanda Phingbodhipakkiya is an award-winning multidisciplinary artist, TED mainstage speaker and STEM advocate. She uses the power of design to create engaging and relatable STEM experiences for everyone. STATION: Braaaaaains! -- How does the 3 lb mass of cells between your ears change over a lifetime? See (and touch) real brains, from humans to mice, and learn how they are constantly changing. Selfies welcome. PRESENTER: Heather McKellar, PhD, is the Senior Manager of Education and Outreach Programs at the NYU Neuroscience Institute and President of braiNY. In both roles she finds ways to bring brains and science to the public.

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