Play-PerView: Jane Anger (Feat. Michael Urie)

MON // OCT 18 // 07:00PM

Jane Anger or The Lamentable Comedie of JANE ANGER, that Cunning Woman, and also of Willy Shakespeare and his Peasant Companion, Francis, Yes and Also of Anne Hathaway (also a Woman) Who Tried Very Hard.

by Talene Monahon

It’s 1606 and William Shakespeare is stuck in quarantine with his unpaid apprentice, Francis. It would be a GREAT time to write King Lear…if he weren’t plagued with writer’s block. In through the window climbs Jane Anger, the Cunning Woman, with a large sack and a mind to change history forever.


Danaya Esperanza (for colored girls...., Mary Jane)

Talene Monahon (Log Cabin, The Government Inspector)

Ryan Spahn (How To Load A Musket, Daniels Husband)

Michael Urie (Grand Horizons, Chicken and Biscuits)

Directed by Adrienne Campbell-Holt (Eureka Day)

To benefit Fund Texas Choice


Doors 6:30 PM, show 7:00 PM.
Tickets $40 front row seating, $25 standard seating, $15 side and back seating, $15 livestream, $20 on-demand pre-order.


No outside food or drink is allowed.

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