Masters of Social Gastronomy: CHEESE EXTRAVAGANZA

WED // JUN 24 // 07:00PM

In an all-singing, all-dancing cheese celebration, Sarah will investigate the oldest cheeses: both old cheese styles and physically old cheese. Then, she'll be joined by singer-songwriter Clare Burson, who tell the story of her family's 100+ year old cheese.

Soma will pull back the curtain on the "artisanal microbiology" that is the humble cheese wedge. See what our upstate cheddars have in common with the fiercest blue cheeses, and what in the world American cheese thinks it's doing.

SPECIAL GUESTS Tux and Stephanie, hosts of the Beyond Reproach podcast will tell the story of the largest wheel of cheese ever created, made to honor Andrew Jackson.

Culinary historian Sarah Lohman and resident food scientist Jonathan Soma are the Masters of Social Gastronomy. Each month, they fearlessly take on a curious food topic, breaking down the history and science behind what we eat. 




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