Masters of Social Gastronomy: New York City's Favorite Foods

SUN // MAY 24 // 07:00PM

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Pastrimi, Pizza, and Chopped Cheese: New York City's Favorite Foods


NYC is a food mecca with a unique history, so let's tackle it: this month MSG will be covering New York City's favorite foods!

Pastrami on rye: more than just a beaut of a sandwich, it's also a backdoor into a scientific world of meat pickling and grain secrets. Join Soma as he explores the ingredients that make up New York's signature sandwich.

Sarah will cover the immigrant history of Bodegas, that most special center of NYC life, and focus on a few of their famous foods, including the Chopped Cheese.

SPECIAL GUEST Scott Weiner, the world's foremost pizza expert and founder of Scott's Pizza Tours, will be joining us for a Very Special Storytime. He'll give you all the details on New York Style pizza (and where to get it)!

Culinary historian Sarah Lohman and resident food scientist Jonathan Soma are the Masters of Social Gastronomy. Each month, they fearlessly take on a curious food topic, breaking down the history and science behind what we eat



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