I'm a Doctor Now

SUN // JAN 13 // 03:30PM

Come discover what health anxieties keep New York comedians up all night!

Hypochondriacs and victims of terrible insurance will relate to comedic stories of healthcare nightmares, ranging from homeopathic cures for yeast infections to at-home surgery.

Storytellers will share their experiences in self-diagnosis before a panel of actual doctors — who you can try to corner after the show for opinions on your rash! — but by the end of the night, only one comedian will receive an honorary white coat and proudly say, “I’m a doctor now!”

Doors: 3:30pm / Show: 4:00pm
Tickets: $10 adv / $12 at the door
This event is mixed seated and standing room. Seats are first-come first-served.

Hosted by Sarah Burton and Allie Kokesh

About the hosts:
Allie Kokesh is the co-creator and co-star of the improvised science-fiction podcast Mission to Zyxx. Formerly she wrote, performed and directed video content for Mic.com. Allie currently receives health benefits through Netflix.

Sarah Burton is a writer and performer at the Upright Citizens Brigade. You can watch her at the UCB on Harold Night or on Buzzfeed’s Youtube channel — teaching her dog to play basketball and walking through New York in a bubble. Sarah has spent 100+ hours reading WebMD.


REFUND POLICY: Tickets maybe be refunded up to 24 hours before the event. Within 24 hours we may take exchanges for other events at our discretion. No refunds after the event.

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