Funny Over 50

THU // JUN 11 // 07:00PM

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Tired of feeling stressed out? We're here to make you smile. Funny over Fifty is bringing you some of the funniest women in New York City, who just happen to be over the age of fifty! Age has nothing to do with the ability to tickle the ol’ funny bone—you won’t want to miss this unique virtual evening of stand-up and humorous storytelling from the city’s best and brightest.


D'yan Forest has performed cabaret and stand-up comedy in New York and Paris including the Gotham Comedy Club, Le Poisson Rouge, and La Nouvelle Seine.

Mina Hartong’s career has taken her from NYC’s public schools to East Africa to Theater Programs for the Incarcerated in Connecticut. When not in the classroom, Mina performs stand up on national stages.

Carla Katz has performed widely in NYC, including at the Comedy Cellar and Caveat, and is a Moth StorySLAM Champion. She co-produces the On the Waterfront Storytelling show.

Donna Lewis has performed in comedy clubs in LA, New Orleans, Boston and NYC. She’s been in comedy festivals, commercials, and performs sketch and improv at the Push Comedy Theatre of Norfolk, VA.

Debbie Miller writes humor, plays, monologues, and the occasional short story. Her background includes stand-up comedy, improvisation, and theater.

Karen Williams is the founder of the International Institute of Humor and Healing Arts, the go-to resource for humor education programs. She currently teaches comedy classes at the new LGBT Community Center of Greater Cleveland.


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It’s a strange time and it may only get stranger. Hopefully some good old fashioned intelligent nightlife can help get you through it - right from the safety of your home. 
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