POSTPONED Drinking Game NYC: Monty Python and the Holy Grail

FRI // JUN 05 // 09:00PM

Caveat and the ADGNYC team have decided to postpone this week’s show. We believe that a fun and distracting show is not the best way to serve our community right now, and we’d like to step aside and keep the online real estate clear. If you had a ticket, you should have an email with further info. We apologize for any disappointment this may cause, but we hope you will join us for a future event.


Fetchez la vache, give Patsy a coconut, and get ready to say, "Ni!" because A Drinking Game NYC is doing "Monty Python and the Holy Grail" as their first-ever LiveStream event!


Join us and Caveat as we lovingly recreate this cult classic film from our various living rooms and turn it into a drinking game! Whenever a buzz word is said, our narrator dings a bell, and everyone drinks, including the actors (who also have to drink whenever their characters' names are said, while juggling props, costumes, scripts, beers, and the inevitable LiveStream mishaps). And because we are an autonomous collective deeply devoted to their audience NOT being repressed, you better believe that we will be all over that Chat and expect you all to chime in with your favorite lines and some melodrama-style commentary! So get your tickets and tune in at 9pm on Friday, June 5th for another show completely different from some of the other shows which aren't quite the same as this one is. Everyone shall pass; no one will be turned into a newt; and please feel free to fart in our general direction as we won't be able to smell it.


How will this work?

After purchasing a ticket at any price level, you'll receive a separate email before the show with the streaming link. The show will be streaming as a private event on Caveat's YouTube channel. Thanks in advance for not sharing the streaming link.




Going crazy yet? Craving information, but starting to feel desperate to receive it in a non-depressing way? Worried about the state of art and intelligent discussion in the time of social distancing? We got you.

Your favorite nerdy basement bar now hosts livestreams 6 nights a week with extra-special online editions of our long-running shows. Medical advice without any bullsh*t! Wrestlemania-style debates over scientific principles (where you can chime in)! Political science with that ever-needed dash of showmanship! If it’s smart and it’s weird and it’s entertaining, you know we’re gonna give it to you.

It’s a strange time and it may only get stranger. Hopefully some good old fashioned intelligent nightlife can help get you through it - right from the safety of your home. 

All ticket proceeds & PayPal contributions go toward paying Caveat’s staff during the shut-down, as well as paying the performers! 


Contribute to our staff fund here:


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Wash your hands and keep calm: Caveat is here to keep our community entertained and our creators working.

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