Digital Void: The Meme in the Moment Festival

TUE // AUG 17 // 07:00PM

Pepe the Frog. Doge. Wojaks. Memestonks. Memes have taken center stage in the world — but are we influencing memes, or are they influencing us?

The Meme in the Moment is a festival of memes with the internet’s most critical, fun, and engaging meme thinkers. We’re bringing together academics, journalists, and speakers to help us understand how memes influence our daily lives, how memes travel from the internet into physical spaces, how we can speak about them in our daily lives, and how we can strengthen our cultural immune response to memes at a moment where memes are central to discourse.

From political movements to group chats and Gamestop stocks to identifying dangerous, extremist dog whistles, the Meme in the Moment will leave you wondering what memes *really* mean in the moment, and make you consider how we can become more resilient from discussing them in physical spaces.


Ryan Broderick is a journalist, video producer, podcaster, and community moderator. He's the writer of the Garbage Day newsletter and the host of The Content Mines Podcast.

Rebecca Jennings is a senior internet culture reporter at Vox covering TikTok, influencers, aesthetics, digital subculture, and human behavior online. She’s mostly interested in why we choose to do the things we do on the internet and how we all grapple with the mortifying ordeal of being known!

Dr. Jamie Cohen is a digital culture expert and a writer, speaker, educator, and producer. He founded a New Media degree in higher education, wrote a textbook on the subject and is the co-author of the first peer reviewed paper on Pepe the Frog.

Kalhan Rosenblatt is a 31-year-old teenager and NBC News Digital’s youth and internet culture reporter, covering all things memes, teens and social media. She specializes in covering TikTok, including both the trends that have emerged from the platform and the ways in which those trends influence the behavior of young people. When she’s not working, she spends way too much of her time — you guessed it — scrolling TikTok.

Jenny Chang is a writer, brand strategist, and cultural theorist fascinated by pop culture's intersection with social systems and power structures. She's most well-known in the strategy community for her PowerPoint analyses of TikTok and Gen Z, sexuality and power in Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion's "WAP," and morality in a pandemic through the lens of The Good Place.

Dr. Anastasia Kārkliņa Gabriel is a cultural strategist and researcher who uses her academic expertise in culture and identity to build culturally intelligent, incisive, and inclusive strategy for brand storytelling.

Hosted by: Matt Klein is a cultural theorist and strategist working with brands, VC, TV producers, and reporters. As a writer for Forbes and his newsletter Zine, his work focuses on overlooked trends and the psychosocial implications of our technology.


Doors 6:30 PM, show 7:00 PM.
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