Ask a Political Scientist: Just How Bad is Social Media for Demoncracy

THU // MAY 28 // 07:00PM

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Between echo chambers, partisan trolls, fake news, and Russian bots, social media feels like a nightmare for democracy. But social media wasn’t always considered to be dangerous for democracy -- not long ago it was actually seen as a great hope for democracy. This week’s guest is Joshua Tucker (NYU), here to guide us through the promise and perils of social media for democracy, and to share his awesome data science research on detecting fake news and bots!

Guest bio: Joshua Tucker, Ph.D. is Professor of Politics at New York University (and affiliated professor of Russian & Slavic Studies as well as Data Science). He’s also the Director of NYU’s Jordan Center for the Advanced Study of Russia, and the Co-Director of the NYU Social Media and Political Participation (SMaPP) lab. He’s co-editor of The Monkey Cage blog on The Washington Post, and is basically our best hope for figuring out how to keep social media from destroying us all.

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