An Antidote to Anecdote: A Macro Look at Microdosing Psychedelics

WED // JUL 10 // 09:00PM

Microdosing! Wedged in between curing depression and inducing spiritual experiences, psychedelics have also been touted for their ability to help people focus, do better at work, and be all-around happier via taking small amounts a few times a week. But so far there've only been mainly anecdotal reports and very little science behind this new (or perhaps very old) phenomenon.

So what *does* the science currently say? And what are future experiments looking for? And can you please help me get acid? No! But the first two will definitely be discussed, as well as advice and best practices for microdosing yourself, as well as the plusses and minuses of microdosing compared to taking a large dose! Audience members will also have the opportunity to sign up for the study that Balazs designed, and contribute to psychedelic science, all from home.



21 A Clinton Street, Manhattan